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Condition: New
Protectimus Slim NFC is a programmable TOTP OATH token. You can use it with any MFA software based on OATH authentication standards, including Google 2FA, Office 365, Azure MFA, Okta, Duo, etc. TOTP tokens Protectimus Slim NFC are produced with pre-installed secret keys but can be reprogrammed using an NFC-capable Android phone. Thus you can use this MFA token with almost any 2FA system.
A key feature of a Protectimus Slim NFC security token is the ability to configure it with almost any secret key you need. This way, the programmable MFA token Protectimus Slim NFC has three main advantages:
You can use this OTP token instead of a 2FA app with any service supporting OATH authentication. The process of configuring a hard token is similar to soft tokens enrollment.
Using programmable TOTP tokens eliminates the slightest risk of compromising your secret keys.
Using programmable TOTP hardware devices allows you to connect users who do not want or cannot use their cell phones as OTP tokens to your two-factor authentication system.
Note, a hardware token Protectimus Slim NFC can store one seed no longer than 32 symbols in Base32.

Weight 4 g

Dimension 64 x 38 x 0.9 mm (2.5 x 1.5 x 0.035 in)

Display LCD 6 digits / E-ink 6 digits (Optional)

Algorithm OATH compliant time based TOTP

Cryptographics SHA-1 / SHA-256 (Optional)

Time Interval 60 and 30 seconds

Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)

Short Storage Temperature -10°C - 45°C (14°F - 113°F)

Humidity 0 - 90% without condensation

Battery 3-5 years

Material PET + PC

Physical Resistance Tamper evident IP68 for Glue Injection