Honeywell PD45S0F Thermal Printer 300DPI Ethernet PNE Rewind PD45S0F0010020300

Condition:  New Factory Sealed  


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Condition:  New Factory Sealed


The Honeywell PD45S encapsulates everything you need in a commercial grade industrial printer and more in a sleek, compact, all-metallic frame. Designed using minimal internal mechanical parts, the PD45S was engineered to be an efficient and durable solution to any manufacturing, retail, logistics, health care, and government need. With smart printing capabalities, the PD45S eliminates the need for a host computer to configure and fine-tune settings by running apps right inside the printer. The PD45S offers a 3.5-inch color touch control LCD to allow for easy access to all the customizable options the PD45S has to offer.