Corning Unicam LC OM3 Premium Fiber Optic Connector 25 Pack Box 95-050-99-X

Condition: New Factory Sealed  


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Condition: New Factory Sealed


The Corning UniCam® High-Performance OM3/OM4 LC Connector brings the versatility of the LC connector to the high throughput technology of OM3 and OM4 multimode fiber optics, allowing you to execute tasks and meet your data center demands with greater efficiency. Experience optimized LC connectivity with minimal insertion loss.

The high-precision mechanical splice technology enables fiber optic networks to be installed quickly and cost effectively. Installation of an LC connector can be accomplished in about 50 seconds to one minute with the UniCam High-Performance Tool Kit. Save time and money with this high-quality solution to your connectivity needs.

UniCam® High-Performance OM3/OM4 LC Connector Features:

  • Installation is as easy as strip, clean, cleave, cam and crimp
  • Designed for OM3/OM4 Multimode fiber optics
  • Black housing with aqua boot
  • 0.1 dB typical/0.5 dB maximum insertion loss per connector pair for exceptional network performance
  • Installation of an LC connector can be accomplished in about 45-50 seconds with the UniCam Pretium Tool Kit
  • High-precision ceramic ferrule multimode connectors


  • Intermateability: FOCIS compliant with TIA/EIA 604-10A (LC)
  • Qualification: Passed EIA/TIA 568-B.3
  • Durability: 0.2 dB change, 500 rematings, FOTP-21
  • Tensile Strength: 10 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on jacketed cable; 0.5 lb ≤ 0.2 dB change on 900 μm cable; FOTP-6
  • Operating Temperature: -40º to +75ºC, exceeding EIA/TIA 568-B.3