Iogear Shield Protect 13" Macbook Air Keyboard Skin and Screen Protector GKSMA13

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Condition: New Factory Sealed  


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Condition: New Factory Sealed


Protect the display and keyboard of your 13" MacBook Air using the fingerprint resistant Shield+Protect Keyboard Skin and Screen Protector from IOGEAR. Equipped with transparence and HD clarity, the screen protector features a 6-layer protective design that measures 0.01" / 0.22mm in thickness. Not only does the screen protector and its six layers help to protect your system's display from scratches, dust, and dirt, it also helps safeguard your eyes from harmful blue light that can be emitted from the display. Additionally, the screen protector helps to reduce glare.

The keyboard protector is 0.02" / 0.40mm thick and helps to protect the keys from spills, dust, and key wear, while also allowing any backlit keys to still be visible. Constructed from soft yet durable silicone, this keyboard protector is flexible and easy to apply or remove for cleaning and disinfecting.

Included with the Keyboard Skin and Screen Protector is a micro-fiber cleaning cloth and an anti-dust sticker. It is protected by a limited 90-day warranty.

Screen Protector
Protects the 13" MacBook Air's display from scratches, dust, and dirt
Fingerprint resistant and easy to apply
Helps protects the eyes against the damaging effects of blue light coming from the screen
Keyboard Skin
Helps protects the keyboard from accidental spills, dust, key wear, and more
Soft durable silicone material helps to ensure a comfortable typing experience
Flexible, washable, and easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting