Cassida Money Counter Automatic Bill Currency Machine 6600 UV MG

Condition: Used - great condition, works great  


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Condition: Used - great condition, works great




  • Efficient & Reliable: Advanced And Reliable Money Counting With Blazing Speed– Up To 1,400 Bills Per Minute And Counterfeit Detection For An All-In-One Cash Processing Solution!
  • Convenient & Powerful: Valucount® Uses The Selected Single Denomination To Calculate The Total Monetary Value Of Bills Counted. Please Note That The Device Does Not Automatically Recognize The Value Of The Bill. Operational Modes Include Count, Add, Batch, and Add With Batch.
  • User-Friendly & Innovative: Innovative Touch Control Panel And Large 2.8'' Tft Screen Allow For Easy Navigating And Full Counting Report.
  • 3 helpful cash counting modes: Add: keep a running tally of bills counted. Batch: Set a custom batch amount to separate bills into the needed quantity. Add+Batch: Count off needed batch quantities while simultaneously keeping a running tally of total bills counted.